The main activity of Auto Bossi d.o.o. is the transportation of all types of vehicles, and there are definitely the most popular personal vehicles. For nearly 20 years our team has been gathering experience and our company follows all the legislative guidelines so that we and your vehicle will be transported correctly and safely to your preferred destination.


Standard loading and unloading of vehicles is included in the lump sum compensation.

PAUŠAL (loading, unloading and transport up to 20 km) = 40 EUR
Additional kilometer price = 1 EUR
Use of crane = 80 EUR
Towing vehicles on the road = 50 EUR
Severe road vehicle transportation = 25 EUR
The calculation of vehicle removal and transportation services is based on “full-run”, ie the mileage calculated by the special vehicle for removal and transportation has passed from the point of loading to the point of unloading.

Should the service fail, without the fault of the importer, Auto Bossi d.o.o. it recognizes the total cost of mileage at the cost of an additional kilometer (no compensation for the Paid). Auto Bossi d.o.o. will also recognize all actual costs incurred for the use of roads, bridges, tunnels and ferries.

Removal and transportation of vehicles of more than 2m, longer than 6m or vehicles whose mass of the unladen vehicle from 2001 kg to 2500 kg is increased by 25% and for vehicles whose mass of the unladen vehicle is 2501 kg to 3500 kg by 50%. In the event that the vehicle has a load that significantly increases the vehicle mass, please contact KC and provide a photograph of the cargo and the vehicle for approval.